WebM video relay server written in Rust
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  • forget a channel's initialization segment when no transmitter is active. This improves behavior when a channel is occasionally used for streams with different codecs.
  • Add INFO logging for channel creation/garbage-collection
  • Start throttle timing on first data instead of throttle creation (improves cases where the source is slow to start)
  • Teach send subcommand to recognize --skip and --take options


  • update internals to v0.2 of warp and tokio; no remaining code relies on futures 0.1


  • use the log and env_logger crates for logging; the RUST_LOG environment variable configures the logging level.
  • support listening on multiple addresses if given a DNS name instead of an IP address. All bindings reference the same namespace for channels, but this allows, e.g., binding to both IPv4 and IPv6 localhost.
  • released November 20, 2019


  • update most internals to use std::future


  • support proxying an arbitrary number of streams at /live/$NAME
  • released October 27, 2018