Structure derivation from veekun's pokedex model, with a simpler data model and interface more worldbuilding and less game oriented. Used primarily for keeping track of adaptations to canon as well as of fakemon developments.
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Updated 2021-06-22 05:06:09 +00:00
Dictionary files for Pokémon-related stuff, covering Pokémon names, item names and location names up to at least G6. Compatible with eg.: LibreOffice.
Updated 2023-07-01 04:03:07 +00:00
Dictionary files for Monster Hunter-related stuff, covering wyvern species names, item and weapon names, location names up to at least G5 (World). Compatible with eg.: LibreOffice.
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A few basic and improved styles I'm using for Work Styles in my AO3 profile.
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WebM video relay server written in Rust
Updated 2023-04-28 22:08:09 +00:00
Experimental JS prototype of a programmable 3x5 card concept. Currently fleshing out a JS implementation of more-or-less TCL
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Updated 2024-01-06 20:36:14 +00:00
base code for JS game projects; this version has a particular focus on exploring multiplayer support
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Pile of web-based toys and scraps, 2024 edition
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Jay's helper scripts for managing WAAPT Wiki
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